Quick Sag question

Hey guys,

First time caller, longtime listener. I just bought a CRF 250, which is my first Honda, and it has a stock spring. Well, I set my race sag at 103mm, (I wanted a shade over 100mm), but now my static sag is at 46mm.

Question: Do I need a stiffer spring? I know that the suspension forum here on TT suggests going to a stiffer spring if your static sag exceeds 35mm. In addition, my Honda manual says go to a stiffer spring if your static sag is exceeds 25mm.

I ask this question because on two former bikes, Kawasaki and Suzuki, I have never had this problem. If it helps, I am a 6' tall male and I weigh about 155lbs right now.

P.S. I may weigh a few more lb's after the holidays:)

Thanks Guys,

Michael Averett

155 pounds without gear....even with gear you should not need a stiffer spring.


Thanks for the reply. I am 155lbs without gear. So do I have something set up incorrectly?


Michael Averett

Its actually the opposite. you need a softer spring. your race sag is ok but only because your not heavy enought to push it down so you dont have any preload on the spring. you need a lighter spring so you can have more preload on the spring to bring it up to 25ish mm static and the correct race sag. Think of it this way if you set your static sag to correct then you wouldnt be heavy enought to push it down to correct race sag so you need a lighter spring.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I meant to say softer. I know I am on the "lighter" side of guys who ride "lites" bikes, but I have not had this problem with other bikes. Also, to set the proper race sag I have the spring preload positioning the bike much lower than I would prefer.

Ya_nervous, you have verified my initial thoughts, however, I would like for several people to give input before I drop a dime on a new spring.


Michael Averett

best thing to do is just call like race tech. tell them your weight and type of riding and they will recomend the correct spring. They take most of the guess work out of it.


Michael Averett

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