Proud Mom Post - Son's First Race

It's not often you get to share one of your kid's "firsts" when they are teenagers. This weekend, Clay, (almost 16) rode his first AMA Enduro. Not knowing where he should start, we figured the best gauge was to ride C class and then we'd have a good idea. This was a restart enduro, and not really a typical one, it was on a closed course at Leahy Family Farm (Milliken, Co), put on by Two Rivers Racing. 2 laps, then a break, then 3 more laps. Started 4 to a row, one minute apart. No 'special test' sections, just laps. There was an "endurocross" section and the laps were about 7.5 miles.

What a great event. For anyone considering racing, this was really a taste of it all. Part MX track, part single track/enduro stuff and part endurocross challenges (or a ride-around of that section which proportionately worked itself out). After watching this, next year, I think we are all going to ride it.

Clay did fantastic! Had a blast and is now looking at doing more racing. Here's a few photos and my link to the Ever-Too-Long-Proud-Mom slideshow on Photobucket....

Totally Focused!


The Enduro-X section


The Results!


Ever-Too-Long-Proud-Mom slideshow on Photobucket:

Lots to be proud of this year! Both kids made great strides in riding and life!

Wow that is great. This is the place to be a proud Mom for sure. He looks so happy, handsome and proud too like his Mom. What cool race and family affair. Looks like it is time to start the scrap book or make room on the wall. BTW my 15 3/4 year old Daughter thinks he is cute!

thats fantastic WTW! how did he finish? or am i so blind that i missed that?

i LOVE those graphics, those are how i want my katoomer to look eventually. white plastics, zebra graphics. where did you get em?

the graphics are sick.. Looks like he could try to run some B class if he pulled a first place finish his first race! Great job!

Thanks Kiwi - he got 1st (it's on the trophy). The graphics are from He got all black plastic last year, except the tank, and got those about the same time. They've held up great! Good stuff.

oh. :lol: sorry about that.

yeah i found the graphics online. thanks for the link though. I think i'm going to do it this winter. :p

I wish my family supported me like that!!! They dont support me one bit with what i want to do because they think Ill get hurt. Of course you'll get hurt, Im 16!!!!

Super! First on his first time out... totally rocks! Love that big ol' smile too... get that pic on the "best looking hunk on a bike" thread for the younger gals to drool over. He's totally drool-able. :lol:

Fantastic!!! Congrats!!!!!

That is awesome. I can imagine how proud you must be! Congrats!!:lol:

maaaaaaaaaaan i wish my son would get out there and do the deal!

First place, I bet he is hooked for life now...muahahahaha

Heck yea! Racin for the first time and #1, can't beat that. Hope my boy(1yr old) will enjoy the sport as much as I do when he gets to that age.

For those of you with young ones - it's a long road to get here - but it's all worth it. When they were younger, I took a LARGE DOSE of patience and left my desires at home - it's all about them at that point. Now - it's about US! And that's the payoff!

He's still on cloud 9 and looking at the HS series, but it conflicts with ski racing, so we are probably on hold till next year's enduro series starts again. (whew) Thanks for all the replies.

Big congrats to you and your son WTW!!!

(heehee, aren't we the way cool moms who "let" our babies ride!!!!)

Awesome pics! Looks like a fun race! He looks good!

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