fast pour gas can

Does anybody know of a gas can that I can use for quicker pit stops during harescrambles? I'm not good enough to justify the "real" systems like the pro guys use, but there has got to be something that works better than the red Wal-mart 5 gallon gas can I've been using. I can eat my lunch in the time it takes that thing to pour 2.4 gallons into my tank.

I think Cycle Gear sells a 5 gal race type can for

about 35 or 40 bucks. It doesnt have the cap

like the wal mart cans. Instead it has the fuel

release top that allows fuel to flow when you push

it down in the tank.

Never used one. I just remember seeing them.

I have this one. But I don't use it hare-scrambles (dez races) I like it and use it for everything else. But still doesn't pour quick enough for a pit stop. Look around at some cycle part stores. Some sell a kit to make these regulation cans. Pour quick. It will come with a cap to fit your can. A piece of hose to fit the cap and a air release valve to put on the can (drill a hole and snap in). Not a legal can anymore but ok for your pit stops.

get one of the older ones with a vent hole.

or make a vent hole.

makes an unbelieveable difference

Hunsaker 5 Gallon Jug

Try this one it says 5 gallons in 10 seconds. This might be too fast for a small gas tank. Have not used it but does look like one big vent.

That's fast for regular gas can. But $$$. A 2-3gal can would be perfect size. Or I would just put two gallons in it and dump it all. That's what I do now for my pit stops.

I built one for our #1 D37 desert racer in the mid 70's , Mark Adent , that would dump 3 gallon in 5 seconds. He did not always stop, his dad would walk 2 steps while it was dumping.


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