Hey everyone... been doing a lot of reading on these forums lately... I have a 01 drz 400s that ive been turning into more of distance tourer (as much as possible) moving to central america in a month to start a job as a dive instructor. Now its time to buy a gps. Never owned a gps, but have played around with gps and gis a bit out in the wilderness backpacking. Im looking for a model I can use road maps as well as topo. Gotta be waterproof. Dont need all the bells and whistles like bluetooth,mp3, just want something simple durable and affordable.... lotta suggestions for the 60csx...... But I hear some people cant read the directions while moving on the bike..... whats everyone that has some experience with different models suggest?

I know a bunch of guys in the HD forums were really happy with the Zummo 550 and some of the Tom TomsM

I think they are koimd of expensive no matter what unless you strap a cheap non-waterproof one to your bars.

DRZ as a distance tourer... May want to save the GPS money and get a bigger bike.

You might want to get one in CA if that is where you are going to use it. Mine only has USA and Canada on it. I have the Lowrance 600c, but I sure wouldn't recommend it for a DRZ.

I have used several GPS units over the years. Currently have a 60csx and really like it. It is by far the best I've used. You can push the buttons with gloves on. I use it mainly for dirt/trail riding.

thanks... the 60csx is what I am primarily leaning towards... manufacturer says battery life 20 hrs..... how long does yours last?

The only brand i could ever recommended is Garmin. Ive played with every type out there and Garmin is the only one that can handle it all. They never seen to lock up or lag when u need it. Ive got the Garmin v for my drz. Its just an old school gps but works for me. There only like 80 bucks on ebay now days.

Forget about battery life and get a hardwire kit. This will also prevent the GPS from turning off at random times while riding. (Caused when the batteries momentarily lose contact with the terminals in the GPS due to vibration.)

I use a 60Cx and am happy with it. I never felt the need for a dedicated compass or altimeter in my GPS, as you can get this info from the satellites anyway. I use a RAM mount which is great.

I run a Garmin 478 (look at all the 'nn78' series units). Has nearly every GPS feature out there. A little shopping and they can be had for 1/2 or less of list.

I just want to throw a nod to the Garmin GPS V. I have mine mounted on a simple bracket the uses the front handle bar mounting bolts, but you can buy others. You can get them on Ebay for less then $100. It durable, water tight to something like 3 meters (If mine is more than 3 meters under water I've got bigger problems).

I'm pretty sure that you can get a current map set for CA from Garmin.

I am also running the 60CSx so I'm a little biast but think it's a great unit. No, they are not cheap but are very versital. Some of the new units like the Colorado 400T are real nice but too much $. I can't speak first hand about the Zumo but have heard discussions/concerns about the way the handle tracks by turning them into routes ect. Some great info about this stuff on For mostly off road and trails the 60CSx works Super! :lol:

thanks... the 60csx is what I am primarily leaning towards... manufacturer says battery life 20 hrs..... how long does yours last?

You can't go wrong with this model... but don't worry about battery life. Hardwire it like MostlyDirt recommends.

I'm using a Garmin eTrex Vista now, but the screen is too small so I'm hoping to upgrade to the 60CSx or perhaps the Oregon.

Garmin Etrex Vista HCx here.

Agreed not for cruising-I use it on trails. Ram mount.

Really love it-perfect for the price.

I have the older 60cx, don't know if the 60cs has improved the lightening issue but I haven't been happy with the lighting. I do a lot of desert riding and it doesn't hold up to bright sun well. If you do go with it, I'd suggest the RAM mount for the bike

You can't go wrong with either the Garmin 60CSx or the 60Cx. Make sure it is the x series. A 60CS is not the same as a 60CSx.

If you do go with it, I'd suggest the RAM mount for the bike

Also highly recommended! Expensive but worth every penny!

I'm not a big fan of bolting up big GPS's on the bars, so I went small, Garmin Foretrex 101, $100. I turn it on only to pull a grid.



I have been using the Zumo 450 for about the last six months and even though it was a little pricey it has been worth every penny. Cotsco had them on sale the other day for around $350.00.

Hi all:

I had a cheap PDA with GPS, and I wouldn't recommend it, it breaked a few times, under direct sunlight it's very hard to see.


Now I have a 60Csx with a Ram Mount support, and I'm happy with it.


have fun,


I too went for the 60csx/ram mount/hardwire kit for dualsporting on the DRZ.

The screen is big enough to read when riding.

Current setup has served me well offroading in Indochina

For multiday DS trips I'm thinking of carrying a small Asus EeePC with SSD so I can plan/review trips at night.

60CSx with ram mount and hard wire here. I do have a NIB 60CSx that I am going to sell for $300 If interested let me know. bacord at gmail dot com

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