DRZ 125L bog after 3rd gear???

hey guys i searched it but i couldnt find it

i got an 04 drz 125l and have had it for about a year now...

its been great except forit eats plugs.

but nowe just recently it will run fine for about and hour thenit will bog if i run it anywhere past 3rd gear.

no matter how much throttle it bogs down!!!???

any help.

and yes i did buy a new plug and it still does it

like it'll sputter? or just stall? it's probably too rich... like those big smoky dump trucks an stuff. if it smokes just a lil white/black smoke at idle, it's a little rich... mines that way lol... i ate up a plug today and was trying to get it started after letting it cool a mile away from our house

ya probley to rich

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