Camping and Riding?

Looking to get a few people together to do a weekend of camping and riding. Is there anywhere around that you can still do that? Looking to stay in the NY, NJ, PA, CT area.

Campers are always welcome at Rocket or call 814 448 2701.

Google Majestic Trails in Rew PA. 40 odd mile loop, small MX tack good camping not far from Bradford PA.

Try They're located in Central City, PA.

Ditto on Rocket Raceway, awesome main track, a pee wee track and a Hare Scrambles loop. If you have 2 or 3 days to spend, within an hour of Rocket is Breezewood. They have a few tracks and cabins to rent. I like to hit both when I'm out that way and have all weekend to:ride:

You could go to Mass.Tolland state forest,or beartown offer some great riding with plenty of me if interested..

I am in South Jersey...Atlantic city. Im in. If you get it set up or need help setting it up shoot me a PM, sounds like fun.

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