Ultimate Mx Hauler

Well, at first i was looking at trailers. But this seems like a better idea, I'm just wondering if anyone has got one and whats their experience with it? I'm assuming them ring type things are what lock over the bike to stop it moving. Could someone explain to me in a nooby format? im reading it from the site and im just like blehh.

Mainly i want to know that my bike WILL not fall off.

I seen one of them for the first time at the track 2 saturdays ago. The guy unloaded his bike in like 1 minute and the same for loading it after the race, without needing any help or trying to hold the bike while grabbing for the tie downs. I think he drove around 1 hour to get to the track without any problems. The hook thingys are for the foot pegs and there is a strap for the front wheel to hold it from flopping around in the wind.

Used mine for this entire season. They work great. Just be sure your vehicle can hold 400lbs on the hitch without riding the axle. I had to modify my SUV with airbags to make it work with a CRF.

Just don't think that your putting 220lbs of bike back there. The Hauler is about 60lbs plus 1-2ft of leverage will multiply the weight.

I did not have a space for a trailer except for my single garage. I'd much rather put the car in there so this setup worked the best for my situation.

edit: The bike will not go anywhere unless your receiver departs your vehicle. I hit speed bumps and railroad tracks full speed no problem.

I've got the Moto Jack Rack (similiar to UmxH) and have driven probably 30k miles hauling a YZ426 or a YZ250. This is with a stock suspended 03' Explorer.

Never an issue. The first time hauling was a nerve wrecking experience though!

I have one and the bike bounces around a good bit . If you have a truck loading in a truck would be much easier . I would invest in a small trailer before purchasing this lift .


You may have the wrong receiver hitch adapter. I bought one of these when I sold my truck to use with my SUV. I was skeptical at first but my bike does not move at all. It works exactly like they advertise it. I did not have to modify my Yukon, but it does make the rear end sag slightly. Mine is currently for sale because I bought a trailer to haul an extra bike. I went ahead and purchased the gas can attachment also. No complaints here.

I have used mine for over a year and have it on the back of my wife's Lexus RX300. Not one complaint. Easy to load and easy to store. Longest trip was approx 220 miles each way and the bike never moved one bit. Tighten up the foot peg clamps first as tight as you can get them...I use the other end of the hydrolic jack tool (long red tube) to tighten the wing nuts. Once completely tightened, I use a ratchet tie down to pull the handlebars and front of bike down. Works awesome.

Well i got one and used it saturday, worked like a charm. Although i was looking at it constantly on the way there. LOL.

Here is why I love mine. I load the bike up the night before and park the entire set-up in my garage. This yields an extra half-hour of sleep for me. :worthy:


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