06 yz250f fork oil change

hi im thinking of changing my fork oil since alot has leaked out of the right seal (why is it always the right?) i fixed the seal with the camera film trick. does anyone know a good instructional video or article? ive looked around and i cant seem to find any. is there an "easy" way to drain the oil without tearing the forks apart?

no you need to take them apart. all the way apart.

Hi, here is a link to a few videos which shows you how to change oil and seals, for both cartridge type forks and twin chamber type forks!


Hope this helps

If you can find a local suspension specialist that might be your best way of doing it. I usually pay about $100.00 to have the forks and shock serviced. That includes cleaning all of the internals, replacing the fork seals and wipers, recharging the nitrogen for the shock, and new oil. We usually end up replacing the bushings in the forks too and that is usually only an additional $40.00. Also if you can get the 05 fork seals they are a little snugger than the ones on the 06-08 SSS forks and dont blow out as easily. The suspension guy that does all of my bikes uses them and we usually are replacing the fork oil before we even have an issue with a blown fork seal. Also all of our 06-08 YZ250Fs blew out the stock fork seals within a week or two. Once he revalved the suspension and put the other seals in them we never had an issue. FYI we usually service the suspension every 3 months depending on how many hrs we put on the bike but that is the average.

Hi, here is a link to a few videos which shows you how to change oil and seals, for both cartridge type forks and twin chamber type forks!

Hope this helps

wheres the link? lol.

think my comp is screwed up

LOL sorry I must have been pre occupied when posting the link... but it's up now...:lol:

same vids as before

OK first of all the 05 fork seals fit "snugger" because it was 46mm vs 48mm fork seals. Aftermarket fork seals are GARBAGE don't even bother. Out of all the bikes i have owned and seals i have replaced it is NIGHT AND DAY difference with OEM seals. Bushings on the SSS forks need to be replaced around 40 hrs along with the oil,seals etc. because since the fork is bigger (48mm remember) much more dirt gets into the forks and breaks down the oil and wears out the bushings. I am not a suspension guy i just bought the yzf when it first came out, and have figured this out from trial and error. I do all my own fork services also so i won't be endorsing anyone for suspension work.

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