09 KX450F Sag setting

What is everyone running their sag at on the 09 KX450F? Does anyone know what is recommended?

I would start with the same setting as we have been running the last couple of years. That is what I am doing and it works well. I am still on the stock springs and valving and other than being a little soft it is working really well.

102 - 105mm rear

about 12mm up in the tripple clamps

This is the only thing I could find about sag so far. It was from the Dirtrider web impression:

My initial impression was that I wanted to put a little more weight on the front wheel, and I spent a good portion of the day taking small steps getting to what I felt was a pretty good setting. In fact I felt it was a whole different handling bike after going back to stock to verify it. I set up our KX with a little less sag than recommended (109 vs. 112mm) a 1/4 -turn more high compression on the shock, a couple of clicks of both compression and rebound on both the fork and the shock, which slowed everything down just a little bit and really got the front end to stick. The suspension still stayed plush and controlled and does a pretty good job of resisting bottoming with my 190 lb., expert-speed frame. I'm pretty sure slower riders will be just fine with the stock settings, but riders above 215 lb will be looking at springs for sure.

I am set at about 106-107mm and think I could even go a little more when I get a new spring for my weight.

about 12mm up in the tripple clamps

12mm up in the clamps? thats almost hitting the bar isnt it :lol:

I start mine at 8mm. (from bottom of the for cap to top of the triple clamp)

but to each his own

just under a 1/2 inch. I run between 10 - 12 and id oes seem a little high but I can not dispute the performance. On faster and sandier tracks I drop it to about the 5 - 8 range.

10 is about norm

12 for tight

5 - 8 for sandy or fast tracks.

I do tend to tweak all the time though.

So I read 102/105 and 109/112???? Is there any consensus on the sag?

I bought an ‘09 on Friday then rode it Saturday and Sunday but the suspension needs help. And so does my conditioning….

I'm at 104 mm at the moment. Overall the suspension is not bad. I do notice some mid stroke harshness in the forks. My biggest complaint is turning the bike KX. I've gone one softer on compression front and back. One softer on rebound for the forks and HSC at 1 1/4 turns. Suggestions?

Try a little more sag. 106-108, closer to 108. This bike seems to like a lot of sag to get the front to settle. The stock spring is way off for me and the sag was over 110 and the bike still turned for me. Better when standing, a little worse when sitting, but the correct spring will correct that.

ok!!! forgive me but!!! more sag in the rear will make it turn better (settle in) can someone explain the physics behind that one. is that not doing the opposite of dropping the forks (raising the forks) to get the same results! more chopper efect will make it turn better?? just askin thanks Im 210lbs 10mm in the front 102mm in the rear. soo far indoor tight stuff flat corners not very good!!!! wants to stand up.!!! to cold to ride outside just yet to get a real feel

You are going to have to take what these guys are saying and play with it. Myself, I think when you drop the rear (say 106-109) and the front (10-12mm)it has the better cornering effect because the bike as a whole is lowered and the suspension is in the correct part of the stroke for the stock valving. I do like open class mentioned above as well, adjusting the fork compression stiffer on faster soft soil (sand) (5-8 clicks out) and loosening it up as the ground firms up. Factor in to this VETMX808's quote from Jimmy Lewis's ride (I think he is qualified to set up some suspension...) where he played with sag and then the Hi Speen rear compression. To me on these bikes the high speed really can keep the rear up or let is squish doqn depending on the setting, and 1/4 turn makes a difference.

Play with it man, its the baddest 7K toy you ever had and at the end of the day its got to work right for you, and will work different depending on the conditions!

sorry no spell check!!

At the risk of going against what my fellow posters have written, I'm gonna go ahead and suggest the universally agreed upon 100mm. 100mm is the sag "baseline", or the place where you start and come back to if you go overboard, and need someplace to land. Set it there, and if you want more or less, adjust in 3-4mm increments, and see how you like it. If you're going in the right direction, keep going 'til you go too far, then come back incrementally. It's the same way you work with your clickers.

Guys-the 09 KX450 turns much better with more sag than you would normally run. With stock rear suspension, 109-112 lets it squat down into the turns and lay into the ruts much, much better. The pressure spring in the fork is too stiff if you are under 200lbs, so the fork will still chatter over the small stuff. An e-axle is a cheaper way to pull the front in and then the front will feel really planted in the turns. No push at all. The pressure spring needs to be changed to smooth it out, though.

I dsiagree.. More sag equals lower ride height, and thus less weight on the front. Less weight on the front makes the front a lot less wiling to bite, and harder to turn. Don't take my word for it..MXA seems to be the MX bible to everyone around here, and they recommend 22mm offset triples AND pulling to forks up in the clamps. Both of which act contrary to running more sag in the rear.



Spring rate: 0.47 kg/mm

Oil height: 340cc

Compression: 18 clicks out

Rebound: Ten clicks out

Fork leg height: 5mm up



Spring rate: 5.5 kg/mm

Race sag: 100mm

High-compression: One turn out

Low-compression: Eight clicks out

Rebound: Eight clicks out

I agree with your logic, but at 100mm, the rear-end over-powering the front end which, in the case of the 09 Kawasaki, is causing the push. MXA says 100mm, but also says run the Pro Circuit link, which lowers the rear end by (you guessed it) 12 mm which is why they run 100mm sag. The cornering issue with the stock 09 is finding the correct chassis balance, and for me, at 165lb, it is closer to 112 mm of sag (109-112), running 22.5mm off-set (recluse e-axle), and forks set up 5mm in the clamps. The front end sticks much, much better now-no push at all, and it squats down in the corners and rails out, even on flat, hard corners. In berms, it no longer wants to creep out or over the top anymore and seems to lay in very precisely. All-in-all, the chassis is now balanced properly. How I got here is that I had another experienced racer watch me ride, and he could see the rear end too high going into the corners, particularly bumpy corners. It was counter-intuitive to think the issue was not enough sag because the front end felt stiff (too stiff pressure spring) and choppy going into corners. In general, it wasn't settling or compressing into the corner. So now it does, and turns very nicely.

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