What is it worth?

Looking to see what it would sell for.

05 YZ250 (2 stroke). 17-18 hours on bike. Has ASV F1 levers, FMF fatty, renthal bars.

Bike is in dang near new cond. with clear title in hand.

Where are you in TX? I might be interested.

I am in San Antonio.

I've been in the market for a 200 or 250 2stroke for about 6 months. Just this week I seen an 07 YZ250 go for 2900. I've also seen an 03 YZ250 go for 2500. If it were my my bike, I'd probably start at around 3500. Poor economy and end of riding season make it a buyers market right now. Good luck. bikes seem to bring in more on Ebay (as long as u dont get a dead beat bidder).

Saw this this morning for an 06 250, $2800

bike is in good condition and include the following;

clarke oversized tank


renthal fatbars

13oz steahly flywheel weight

o-ring chain

new brake pads both ends

new tires

new plastic all around

PC pipe and can

also comes with new in box piston, rings, clips, wrist pin and gaskets

Y u selling it?

A friend of mine has it. He is looking to sell it but he so busy with remodeling the house, work, etc. so I told him I would ask around.

It is for sale though. We were both thinking 3500.

I just got a YZ125(06) for $2300, so I would thiking probably around $2500-$3000 for an 05 250.

How much run time on that 125 though?

About 5-6 hours

Cool. Ill try to post pics later and put it on texasoffroad.net

you should put some in the classified section of this site..

I might do that. However, most people dont want to drive to texas to pick up a bike.

Any classified websites where I can post it as well?

i would say around like 2500 to 3200

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