Broken Fork Part.... Please help!

In the process of changing my fork oil I made a little mistake... While pulling out the compression assembly it popped out of the fork and hit the ground. I dont have a pic of it but I found the part in another thread on here.

The part that broke on mine is in the second post. Its the grey peice at the bottom with the o ring on it. From all the parts finder pics ive looked at it, it looks like I have to buy number 15 to get this one part.

Anyone know if that is right?

You need the fork piston(#28 in the PDF). You can order them through Factory Connection or other Suspension shops. Here is the link to FC. Just open the PDF. I have no idea what they cost , but it has to be cheaper tha buying a whole new assembly!:lol:

You may also want to ask in the suspension forum as some in their might have one laying around:excuseme:

Good luck,


I'll do that. Thanks for your help.

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