Well TT`ers I need some advice. Im buing a Brand new bike, and I need help deciding wether I should buy it now, and be strapped for cash (not intensly but i`d need to seriously manage my money) for the next 8 months the last 5 of which im going to school), or wait until June when Im done school and then proceed and then buy it.... what do you think? Wait 8 months with minimal financial strains or buy now and be fairly strained during 5 months of school


I would hold off for now. You never know what things life can bring. Try not to put yourself in a bad situation.

I think that you should concentrate more on school. You spelled predicament wrong, several times. I think spending a bit more time with schoolwork would serve you very well.

for sure, thanks guys, just wanted to make sure i was on the right track! cheers!

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