XR 75 Forks

I have just aquired a 1973 XR 75 that needs a littlte TLC. The forks need straightened and seals. Does anyone know the fork oil type and volume without a lot of searching. I didn't have time this evening to search the whole forum. Info greatly appreciated. I also need a pipe, but I've found a bunch for twice what they're worth.( that's beside the point). What is this thing gonna be worth when I'm done? It is complete and in prety good shape for its age.

Thanks for your replies,


Honda recommends 3.6~3.7cc's Dexron ATF

I notice some complete restored XR75 on ebay selling for as high as $6500 but most are going for $2100~3500. Rough and not restored about $600 and yes, the exhaust for these, especially NOS are going for alot of money.

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