interchanging parts from a '02 WR to '02 YZ

I have an '02 YZ250f and wondering if all the parts on the WR is interchangeable with the YZ? What exact years of the YZ/WR are compatible?

I need to get a spark arrestor, but want to get something that wont break the bank. I was looking at a promoto end cap for my stock exhaust. How are those installed? Do they just slide over and clamp on?

Well, I was thinking of switching to a '02 and below WR exhaust because they have spark arrestors and I can get them cheap. I know they have a baffle in them and therefore decrease flow and performance, but I don't mind. I am just a beginner and don't need all the power from it plus my stock exhaust has a huge ding underneath.

I just recently installed a 2006 WR250F exhaust onto a 2002 YZ250F, so I know that will work. What you need to do is befriend some old guy that rides a WR250F and ask to borrow his spare exhaust. He'd probably let you use it for as long as you need.

The WR250F exhaust will be worlds quieter, include a spark arrestor, and will tame the power of the YZ250F, but will not render it un rideable. When you get some rides in and want to go back to an aftermarket YZ250F exhaust, you can.

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