I've tried posting a review before of my new Honda crf230L, but somehow, it didn't seem to take, so I'm venturing out again with some first impressions of this bike. Mine's an '08 model, found at a No. Cal dealer in Redding. Had to travel quite a way to get it, but I think it was worth it, overall.

I'm fairly new to dual sport riding, physical, but 67 years old and been a roader for 50 years. I'm 160lbs and 5'10'' with a 32" inseam. My earlier ride was a too-tall Suz drz400s. Too tall, too big and too heavy. So, I opted for the 230L. I really like the low seat height and it's light weight. Yeah, I read that some think it's too heavy, still. I find it light by comparison. I can do 65-70 on the highway at 4000 feet elevation. It will climb gentle grades of 1-3% in 6th gear. It's probably geared fairly low, so that on the flat, it seems easy to start off in second. It seems spirited( for a beginner or casual rider) on dirt and not-too-deep sand. It's certainly all I need for fun. I also like the fuel economy. Not yet really broken it, it gets 75 mph dual riding and I'm getting 90 mph doing 55-65 on the highway with tires at 22 lbs pressure. It's a bit buzzy at highway speeds, but not bad. It is expensive, though, I paid $5200 otd, which was bit off. Many dealers seem to be tacking on about $3-400 per bike for set ups, a bogus issue in my mind. But, it's limited production, and I'm glad to have mine. Looking forward to others' views.

I think I saw your review in one of the other threads, and I'm glad you like the bike. My riding partner is getting one, and he is 70, so I was glad to see a good review from someone in his same age group. I'm getting one as well, and can hardly wait. We're planning on getting the rear racks, so hopefully we can do some overnight camping trips on the bikes in the spring. Now if w could just get our bikes sold so that we can pick up our 230's!

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