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Hey all, its been a while since I've been here... So long I forgot my username, etc. I've just been reading the last few days, and needed to post a quick question. My 99WR400 has sat all winter after about 15-20 hours on a fresh top end, including piston/rings/valves and springs. I rode it about an hour and a half last month and then took it to the dealer to have the valves adjusted. My problem is this.... My bike used to be a one kick starter has become a 5 kick starter. It seems to lug and miss in the 1/8-1/3 throttle range a bit. It pops on deceleration after running in the lower rpm setting. Doesn't the popping mean its lean? Is this an air screw problem? It did this a last year when I got it back from the engine work, and I assumed it was just valve stuff from breaking the fresh engine in. Thanks for your help. PS, didn't there used to be a page here somewhere, where people wrote their jetting settings, etc?



Well at least you got a cool new member number.. Welcome back.. I assume you have fresh gas? Try cleaning your carb, taking it down and pay real close attention to th jets, clean the varnish and junk from them and all the other nooks and crannys.


sounds a bit like a blocked pilot jet scenario. This is very common with a bike that has sat around for a while. See if you can get some jet reamers to clean your jets out with or oxy welding tip cleaners may help. The best carby cleaner i have found avaliable is a product called POWER TUNE its made by Quicksilver which is a company of mercury outboard mauafacturer. Your local Mercury dealer should have it (australia does)

Make sure all the passages and jets are unblocked and blow out with compressed air. this should sort it out


If it didn't do it when you parked it and it does it now and it's more than a weather change...

Developed an air leak or

Carb needs cleaning

Good luck,


I'll bust open the carb tomorrow night, and clean it really well. Any problems with carb cleaner on rubber/o-rings, etc? Don;t want to make problems worse. I'll check for air leaks as well. Is the popping on deceleration a lean problem? Isn't the octopus supposed to keep that from happening? Maybe its a problem in the octopus? Thanks for the great replies. I'm sure everyone is sick of talking about jetting woes. Mine has run perfectly (as far as I can tell) on stock jetting since new in 99. Its been great to run both the stock and white bros pipe interchangeably without having to rejet. It seems to run great with either pipe. Maybe I'll put the stock pipe back on and see if it has the same problems in stealth mode.

Thanks again,


Problem solved. I took the carb out and cleaned it thouroughly. Come to find out, it wasn't the carb at all, but my pipe. I have a white bros E series, and a couple of rivets in the canister had come loose. I put the stock pipe back on and it runs fine now, just underpowered, but darn quiet. Of course when I put the carb back in, the float was stuck up, so I had to take it all apart and reinstall it. Then, the float was stuck down, so gas poured out the overflow vent. Third times the charm, so a 2 hour job turned into a 10 hour job. Still beats the 3 weeks and 300 dollars it would have taken my dealer to fix it.


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