Guys, can I ride long tight trails without running out of gas and no overheating?

Hi Guys,

I've been running my 95 KX 250 for 6 month without a problem. Last Sunday I competed on a Enduro which had 2 stages, 50 miles each, very technical terrain and I had to ask my brother to assist me with some extra gas in the middle of the first stage in order to make it till the end. It was a hot, damn hot day and climbing a few mountains made the bike overheat, had to wait for it to cool of and give it some water.

Now my question is, can I compete for real on Enduros riding such a bike? I suppose most will say that it requires a talented rider and I can tell you that I'm not a complete noob but neither an expert.

I would like to hear from everyone if I should give up on this bike and go for a KDX, RMX or CRF or if I can really make it a reliable woods bike which means that I would have to replace the fuel tank with a bigger one and tweak the cooling system somehow.

Any tip is greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot

A bigger tank and a stiffer radiator cap with an overflow bottle would be all that you need to solve those problems.

Make sure the radiators are in good shape. No dirt trapped in the fins, and all the fins are straight.

Oh nice, is that something easy to find or would you recommend any store please? Also, I installed a 12oz flywheel weight but I haven't really noticed a big change, do you think that adding a FMF Gnarly Pipe and a FMF Shorty II exhaust would smooth like a KTM 250EXC?


The radiator cap you can get at the dealer. I believe stock is a 1.1, they have an optional 1.6. The over-flow you would have to engineer yourself. I believe if you do a search you will find that several members here have adapted KDX overflow bottles.

The Gnarly pipe is a good choice for nasty conditions. It is made of thicker sheet metal, and enhances low-end torque. The trade-off is that you will lose some top-end.

The Shorty silencer does not have a spark arrestor, and is very loud. Not a good choice for off road use. It also won't do anything for helping smooth out the power, if anything it will make it come on the pipe a little more abruptly.

Nothing is going to make the power as smooth as an EXC. You're comparing a purpose-built off-road engine to a purpose-built motocross engine. Apples to oranges. A more appropriate comparison would be your bike to a 250SX, and in that comparison your bike is no more abrupt or hard-hitting than the KTM.

go to the auto parts store to get the cap, they willl have it in both pressures and it will be $3 instead of $20.

turkey basters have also been used as overflow bottles, a lot of cool overflow setups here, just do a little searching

Flushing out your radiators a few times and putting either engine ice coolant or water wetter back in is a great way to get the bike to run a bit cooler. Clarke and IMS will both have you covered on the tank. When I know that I am going to be going deep into the woods on my two stroke, I usually make up some pre-mix and fill up 2 or 3 1liter gatorade bottles. Tape one to the back fender, and throw the others in your back pack. Dump them into the tank as soon as you burn enough gas for there to be room. I ride enduros and I see a bunch of guys riding 250 2strokes, and doing very well. Most of the bikes are never than 95's, but the bike itself should be more than capable of the task.

I would recommend a turbine core two silencer for your bike,with the gnarly pipe also I would seek jetting help via JD jetting or this web site. another good thing would be a G2 throttle cam system with the 500 cam this helps with the power control delivery at the throttle.

I highly recommend engine ice for coolant and a KDX overflow bottle tucks nicely in the air box.

dont try to hard to get your bike as smooth as a newer KTM you Can't !

I have done everything to my 05 KX 250 and my 300 xcw is just another animal all together. For worcs type racing or hair scrambles the KX is a winner. for play and enduro type riding the 300 is it.

To give you an idea of things you can do read my add and check out the photos on the photo link .

go with the engine ice like everyone is saying. you probably over heated due to clutching, its the only way ive ever over heated my 03.

radiator guards are a good idea too if you havent put them on yet.

clarke tank is the way i went, 50 mile loop and i had plenty of gas left when i got back to pits.

okay so in an attempt to make an apple taste like an orange which I know that it will never be alike but I'm looking to smooth out the max possible:

1. FMF Gnarly Pipe

2. Turbine Core Two Silencer (isn't the shorty better for bottom-mid range power?)

2. Clarke bigger tank (I hope they fit on a 95)

3. Engine Ice

4. KDX overflow bottle (where to find one?)

Thanks for the advice

okay so in an attempt to make an apple taste like an orange which I know that it will never be alike but I'm looking to smooth out the max possible:

1. FMF Gnarly Pipe

2. Turbine Core Two Silencer (isn't the shorty better for bottom-mid range power?)

2. Clarke bigger tank (I hope they fit on a 95)

3. Engine Ice

4. KDX overflow bottle (where to find one?)

Thanks for the advice

id start by looking on Ebay, i got my tank offf there, you never know what kind of stuff youll find. the Gnarly might be tough for the year but they have a retarded anoumt of new and used pipes. just be carefull of the shipping cost, sometime after shipping you could buy the pipe from a dealer for the same price.

I run Gnarly with a shorty on a '97. The Gnarly makes a very definite improvement on the bottom end, more torque from lower revs, but definitely robs power from the top end. Still plenty left for me! :lol:) I've not done a lot of back to back testing with the Shorty but my impression was that it complemented the Gnarly well. My bike pulls from low revs and has an enormous amount of mid range power and I ride mainly woods and enduro.

Hey Krazy, that kx250 that you built is a really sweet looking machine. It makes me wish that I had $3750 laying around right now. Well done.

isn't my pipe just like a gnarly already?

My bike:

A bike with a FMF Gnarly:


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