KLX 450 R super moto

Heres my finished '08 450R , had to change the plastic for the KX graphics to fit and still waiting on my from brakes but the rest is finished,

Have 17" Elcel rims on Talon hubs and with some modifying have fitted a 150 rear tyre...gearing at the moment is standard 13 on the front and 42 on the rear but looking at putting a 14 on the front....

I have a T4 pro circuit piep any one have the same and have re jetted it to help me with this one


wow man that's really nice. what trouble did you have fitting the KX side shrouds? Been thinking of doing that..

Yea please, what is the trick to getting the kx shrouds to fit. Thanks

Had to cut the KX shrouds with a dremmel to get to fit not too difficult just a bit time needed.... did not use the top bolt as it does not line up so cut the back off so it looks like just another one of the holes...... the other option is to change tank but then you loose some capcity

thats pretty cool slackkin. never knew that =P and thank you for the tips xtrememachine.

what did you upgrade to go sm? and how much did it cost you?

Rims and brakes , sprokets and chain....US$ 2000 (JR at west coast wheels who is an idot took 5 months for the wheels and still waiting for my front caliper and disc dont use them they never answer there e-mail and when you get hold of them they promise the world and it never happens)

Then probably another 1500 on plastic, exhaust, graphics, handlebars, and a speed computer which is needed as the origanal only works for a 21" wheel and all the little things to get in on the road...

I changed the spocket to a 42 at the rear which works well and had to space out the rear and front sprocket to fit a 150 Battleaxe and i removed the rear chain guide and have not decided if i am going to re fitt it or not works fine without ...

Any question please send me an post and i will answer the best i can weights 112kg is really fun and puts a smile on my face every time i start it let alone ride it ......

Have to keep an eye on that front swingarm chain slider with that smaller rear sprocket, it will go in a hurry. Do you get a lot of chain chatter when running less than 5K on the clock?

ALso what is your RPM's at 65? I turn about 7K with 13-47.


With the large amount of suspension travel I worry about the fact of a derail on the rear without the guide. If you ran your chain tighter then maybe not, but if she does derail in a hard left turn, or right for that matter, fully committed, it could be life or death depending on where you are and the traffic around you.


post up some videos. =] the 450 looks awsome. wish they came sm version

Here's my klx450sm

First Looks From Dealer (2008)


Second mod. Looks (2008)


Third Mod. Looks (2009)


Forth Mod. looks (2012) 600910_10151201012659012_1017980391_n.jpg

Edited by Raymond L King

Damn that looks tough in Red/White/Black, nice conversion

My son is thinking about selling his yz250f and getting a new 09 klx450r....and seeing these bikes will only make his decision easier! Very nice jobs folks!

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