WR426-can't remove front sprocket

I'm trying to remove front sprocket to change back to a 14 tooth. Removed cover over sprocket & held back brake. Tried like hell to wrench it counter-clockwise, but not letting up. Sprayed WD40 too. Any tips?

i have another person i help me. i have them hold the rear brake and i put it into gear. put the socket wrench on and kick it quick, sounds dumb but works for me.

impact gun works well, the above trick works well too, but just remember the chain has to be on, they tend to be on very tight, you will need a half in breaker bar to make it easy

The impact gun is the way to go. If you already have a compressor, then you can buy a pneumatic one very cheaply, otherwise the big corded ones can be a bit pricey, but well worth it. The other thing that can help is just to blast the spot with the oil every day for a week. Tap the nut for a few minutes with something to create some vibration to really help to oil get in there. Wash Rinse Repeat

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