help! 50 wont start

i have a 04 crf 50 that wont start. i was ridin it down the street the other day in 3rd gear pinned for about a half mile then all of a sudden the throttle stopped working like i would gas it and it would do nothing at all and now it wont start for nothin. any ideas what it could be?

check your valva clearances.check your getting fuel,maybe you have a jet blocked,try blowing them sound something simple,9 times out of ten its basic things.

good luck let me know how u get on

thanks ill try that

I had the same issue today when i was going around a berm my 50 bogged out and died and hasnt sarted since and i have spent 5 hours tonight nearly rebuilding my entire motor I have tried everything timings good, valve clearance is fine, carb is completely clean, spark plug is fine. im out of ideas so if you figure something out let me know what you had to do please. thanks.

Check the ground to your coil see if it is loose. That happened to me last weeek, same problem and that fixed it

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