XR600R Sand Riding Quest


I have an 1999 XR600R that I am going to setup for sand riding.

For Australians, I ride mainly around the Little Desert area in Victoria.

I am 196 cm tall and weigh 115 kgs. I have upgraded the springs at both ends but it is difficult to stop the front digging in.

I am thinking about going up a size in tyres:

- a 90/100 front would give both a wider and slightly bigger footprint to reduce digging in

- a 120/100 rear would improve traction.

Has anybody in this forum made these tyre changes? What else?



No response?!

Maybe I should ask a more general question:

What changes have people made to tyre sizes with what results?

I find it hard to believe that all trail bikes need a 80/100 front and 110/100 rear. Considering there are vastly different loads and horsepower ratings.




Back in the day I used to take my Mid 90's XR600 out to the Glamis sand dunes all the time, never did fuss around with the front tire, 80/100-21 seemed to work fine even on this HEAVY bike. I used a paddle tire in the rear since there was no hard pack, just sand. The bike did surprisingly well for it's girth, the only issues were riding in the really soft stuff the front end would bury itself if you didn't gas it. I wouldn't go out of your way to change tires for riding in the sand, it's still a heavy bike and is not going to handle great in the soft stuff no matter what front tire you have on there.


Are you talking about just using knobby tires? Most people who do a lot of dune riding opt for a rear paddle and as far as I can tell, leave the front alone.

If sand only w/ no rocks I always aired the front tire way down. Seems to help a little in cornering.

Thanks Guys,



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