Help! I Need An Answer

Well i live in southern Indiana and attend Indiana University. I bought a 2002 wr426f to ride to class during the cold weather. I have already wrecked it on slick pavement right after it rained..front pushed on me..everything is OK ..minor tweaks..but i have to figure out a good tire combo!!! i have 21inch rim in front and 19 inch in the rear. the tires i have on are for road..if i squeeze the front tire on my bike as can literally be seen flex in the middle..i believe this is a soft tire..??? but it locks up on the cold wet this normal?? i don't want to slide around if at all possible...unless im trying too !!! HAHA...any help from you all would be are sweet so are links to other topics relating to this question!!! thanks to all whom reply!!! and read i guess... mike-

So seven Views and no opinions?? come on peeps...i wouldn't ask if i knew the answer!! thanks

I can tell you this for sure. Many MANY roads in southern Indiana are paved with a mix of asphalt and limestone. They mix in the limestone to reduce the cost of paving. This makes the road VERY slick in the rain though. The bike I have now is the first one I've ever had with street tires so I really don't know about tire selection. Sorry. I always used to run full motocross tires on my old DR350. No matter what though, I really baby it on wet roads.

Let's ride sometime! PM me. I've got some good twisties and woods trails down here in Bedford if your interested.


My dual sport has dunlops but I dont know what kind.

please let me jump in here too -

I'm commuting on my XR650L and looking for a good winter tire. I'm south of Cleveland and we get some pretty interesting road conditions here.

Does the Pirelli Scorpion perform well on snow covered roads? What about icy roads? Anyone know of a good winter road tire for ice/snow?

get some metzeler unicross that's my choice.

Ice and snow?? That's hardcore right there. I've been in the woods playing in the snow but on the road?? Hardcore!:lol:

On road ice/snow = studs.

No other safe way to do it on a bike.

yea..i know..its probably not as safe as walking or driving..but parking tickets are expensive, i honestly wont really be riding if there is like fresh snow on the road in the morn or ice..more just something that is good for cold wet they will probably be a lot this winter. heard good things about dunlop 606s...what kind of compound would you all suggest...

free bump for the topic!

So I gotta ask the question -

Are studed tires available? I should be shot for asking but can't help myself.

When I was a kid in the 70's my dad used to take me the the Coliseum (anyone from this area remember the big house on the hill in Richfield?) to watch the mc races on ice. NOW THAT was some wicked crapola there - hoooooly crap I can remember it like it was, well last month.

Trelleborg Winter Friction


The only pre-studded tire I know of. Wouldn't last on road, I imagine.

In college a friend of mine used the small, carbide studs sold specifically for dirt bikes. Studded up "DAHO" and rode it thru most of the winter in Michigan's upper penninsula.


Man that bike had character. Makes me long for an old beater that you don't have to give a f' about.

my mistake, he used automotive style studs


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