Newbe flywheel ?

I have a 2006 CRF450R and I'm making a trail bike and i have done some searching and i just got confused. What i need to know is what size of flywheel without having to machine the case. Then the other question i have is what is the best sprocket combo (tooth) the type of riding i do is mostly trails and a little sand dunes. thanks for your help

to clarify..

you wish to add flywheel weight via adding a larger flywheel.. so you wish to know how big you could go without machining the cases?

Gearing is a bit of a personal preference ... you could drop a tooth or two on the rear and gain some tractability...much like your flywheel weight...but at the expense of reduced acceleration and a taller first gear but the bike will pull longer in each gear...

pro's and cons...

A Trail Tech 13 oz will fit without any modification. I put a 15 oz on my 06, and I love it. The side cover mod was not a big deal.

I added a Trail Tech 13 oz to my '05 and it's awesome. Best change I made for the money.

Put the trail tech 13oz on my 08' and it fits fine. I do believe this is the heaviest one you can use without any modifications. I also went 13 front and went to a 50 on the back sprocket. This combo works really good for trails and tight stuff.

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