Exhaust Problem

I bought my 2008 250xcf-w about 3 months ago. It is an awesome bike, and I really enjoy it. When I rode it for the first time right after I bought it, I noticed that the exhaust leaked from the joint between the mid-pipe and slip-on. The leak would blow right on my boot/foot and it would get very hot. Since it was brand new, it still had its 30 day warranty, so I took it back to the dealership so they could fix it. When I got it back all they did was put silicon RTV on the joint and said that that leak was normal and that the silicon would seal it temporarily. Well, now I'm at 15 hours on the bike and the silicone has blown out and its doing it again. My question to you guys is what should I do? Should I talk to the dealership again? Maybe talk to another dealership? I don't know how well that will work since it has now been 3 months. I think its a manufacturing defect and should be taken care of. Do any of you have similar issues? Any advice would be great, thank you!

piece of heater hose over the connection and 2 clamps, common problem on alot of other bikes too, cheap easy fix. make sure holding brackets on pipe and slip on are tight and aligned also.

I never had a leak at the mid/header connection.

Look behind the rear mount for the header and see if it's hitting the frame. Mine came with a washer behind it so it didn't.

I do get a very small leak at the head and have sealed that with hi-temp silicone.

Inspect your clamp and buy the gasket that geos between the two, then install carefully according to manual and that should fix all problems

Inspect your clamp and buy the gasket that geos between the two, then install carefully according to manual and that should fix all problems

No clamp, no gasket.

So at lunch today I talked to another ktm dealership and they said they have never heard or had that exhaust leaking problem. They said that it could be resolved through KTM, but for me to talk with my dealership again. So that is what I did. After work I went by the dealership I bought my bike through, and they remembered me and the issue the first time. They told me that they would take care of it, and do better than last time. They said if they have to they would take it to an exhaust shop to have the mid-pipe expanded at that joint so it will seal. So I will see how it goes, I will take the bike in tomorrow.

I would really like to get aftermarket exhaust, but can't decide if I want to give in and spend the money. That Dr. D system looks soo nice!

No clamp, no gasket.

yeah i realized that after i looked at a picture right after i posted :lol:

Get the FMF 4.0 with Mega bomb it will give it a much better hit down low.

2007 250xcfw

Well I just dropped it off to get fixed, so we'll see the outcome. They said they will call me when it's done.

Along the lines of spending money on my stuff. I just graduated college and have a job as an engineer, but I currently live at home. So every time I want to buy something, I have to listen to my parents lecture me on not spending money. Or if I do buy something I have to listen to it. I am planning on moving as soon as possible, but this is where I'm at for now. Also, my bike is a green sticker bike, but when I finally got my registration in the mail, they sent me a PLATE! Unfortunately, my parents saw the plate and made me send it back to the DMV. I'm sure the DMV would have caught on anyways.

stop listening to your parents! go have some fun on that bike, spend some $$ and keep the economy going!

Well I got an update for you all. The dealership has had my bike this whole time, and they ordered a whole new exhaust system to replace the current leaky one. My bike pretty much sat in the corner waiting for the parts to come in. I tried to get them to put the leaky exhaust on it to ride last week but that didn't happen, I was going through riding withdrawals. Luckily I picked up the bike yesterday just so I can ride it today, then I need to return it so they can finish the job. Anyways, that is what has happened so far, I will be at carnegie this morning for a couple hours feeding the addiction!

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