drz stator ???

anybody know if TT still carries the moose drz stator? ($139.99)

i can't seem to find it in the tt store, but i have seen posts about it.

I gave up and got mine directly from Moose. $135.

I bought the moose version just recently from TT store. It takes a little navigating to get to because TT store uses a hyperlink that takes you to the manufacturers catalogue description and part number, which you order through.

Let me see if i can find it again.....

Ok, it took me two minutes to find it again.

Follow this;

Att the TT store homepage, click on the 'off road' link in the LHS menu

->browse product by category


Down the page you will see the heading "ignition'

then click on the 'moose racing ignition coil' link under it.

->then goto page 902 of the moose parts catalogue

Scroll down and you will see the part number for the DRZ400 stator.

Enter this part number into the box in the upper RH screen, then click on 'get price'

And the rest is a paypal piece of cake.

Have fun!


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