Fold down toy hauler - is there such an animal?

We're looking for a fold down toy hauler that has hard sides so when it's assembled it doesn't have any canvas exposed and looks like a regular tralier. I'm wanting a fold down style so I can keep it in my garage and it would have to pass through an 8' door opening. Length and width is no problem, I'd prefer a bigger unit. Is there a manufacture out there that makes anything like this? Any help pointing me in the right directon would be appreciated.

There's always the old Fleetwood Scorpion (not currently in production, but plenty out there to be had). That's more like a popup mounted sideways on a huge flatbed setup for offraod.


I have seen the hard sided pop ups but never seen one as a "toy hauler". I played around with putting my tent trailer on a flat bed trailer and putting bikes on each end. Pretty easy and cheap way to get moving.

Is there a reason you don't want the soft sides? I have camped in 0' weather and always stayed warm inside.

I have the jayco and am pleased with it, I have seen a larger Flagstaff popup toyhauler with tandem axles and a larger platform. I saw an australian bike hauler on Dirtrider television a couple years ago that was shortened so the top barely cleared the handlebars and poped open like one of those pickup bed covers.

my neighbor has this one. trailer manor.

Thanks all for the replies! We are wanting something with hard sides so we have a little more security for our two Yorkies that travel with us. I would be concerned that they might go through the canvas or someone might see them and have easy access for theft. Barking would also be a concideration, I would not want them to be heard if they did bark and might bother someone at a park. I will check out the sites and contact the manufacturers to see what they have to offer. The great thing about forumns are they allow you to reap the knowledge of the members. Thanks all.

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