Become an Agent of Flow in Moab!

No, not your great aunt Florence. I'm talking about that quality everyone looks for in singletrack. Ride with Respect's rock drill is working so well that we're taking it along the entire route to transform square-edge bumps into rounded rollers.

As always, lunch and hand tools will be provided. Bring water, work gloves, sturdy shoes, and a raincoat. Meet on the north side of Uranium Cycles (between Wendy's and Chip's Grand Tire), then we'll carpool to the trail.


Sunday 11/2/08, Wednesday 11/5/08, Saturday 11/8/08, Thursday 11/13/08, Tuesday 11/18/08, or Friday 11/28/08 from 10AM to 3PM

Clif notes:

1. If you plan to join us from outside Moab, then call me to arrange meeting at the trailhead. That way you don't have to backtrack the last ten miles north of town.

2. Also, I'd be happy to ride singletrack with anyone who pledges to join the trail crew. Again, call in advance to schedule a ride date (435-259-8334).

3. Want more than just one Moab singletrack to be designated (instead of closed)? Then send a donation via Be one of the proud, the few, the supporters of our sport!

it sounds like fun. Rock drills are cool with a little TNT to go with them.



Thomas- The rock drill is productive, and productive is cool. I don't have a permit for TNT, but might need to try the Boulder Buster or Nonex one of these days.

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