05 yz125 fork spring/ no pre load?

should there be any preload on the fork spring on a stock 05 yz125?

I herd the spring hitting the inside of the fork when putting the bike on the stand, so I removed the fork cap,and slid theinner tube inside the outter tube and saw that there was about .125 of slop between the spring seat and the spring.

is this normal?

if not whats wrong/ broken?

That model fork came stock with negative pre-load. Most people add spacers to take up the slack - mainly because they get nervous hearing the spring rattle.

If I remember correctly, the stock setup had zero preload, so if they sagged over time, it would naturally create a little slop. I think my 2005 KX250 forks are supposed to be the same way.

i actually think they had -5mm preload.


Richard is correct, the 05 YZ forks came with a negative preload. Add a 5 mm spacer to change this. It affects the amount of race sag in the front. Mx Tech sells them or at least did at one time. I got 2 sets thru Paloverde.

I found 7mm's added worked the best for me. Just measure your FL of the spring and then add a spacer to get 472mm's and you will be good. Cannon Racecraft actually makes the spring for that bike that length.


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