HELP with brakes

ok so today i took my front wheel off to change the tube, and i went to put it back on, and the brake pads were stuck to each other

so i opened them with my hands, then when i went to use my brakes, there is nothing there!

did i break soomething or am i freaking out and do i just need to add fluid?

that happens to me too, just pull in the lever like 10 times and the presure will build up and work again,

so i buy fluid and do that right

do i just put it in at the resivor cap?

and i just realized that my caliper is moving back and fourth is that beacuse there is no pressure?

You need to build the pressure fluid needed if you didn't open the fluid system. Just think it takes a full pump to move the pads maybe .2mm or something..if you have 1-2mm of takes a lot of pumps to pull the pads back to the rotor.

but i opened the fluid system:banghead:

so i buy some fluid, pour it in throught the top, then just squezze and its all good?

What do you mean? You removed the cover or tried to bleed the system?

If you only removed the cover put it back on and pump the lever repeatedly till it feels normal.

+3? pump the lever

ok i should have said this earlier, but i removre the caliper to clean it a little, so wen i disconnected it all the fluid poured out

i wanna make sure that i didnt break anything beacuse im goin to ocotillo friday i have sckool and a job so its hard to find time to work on my bike

If you took the caliper off of the brake line; you will have to re bleed the whole system to get all of the air out of it. You need dot 4 brake fluid.

When you push apart the break pads there is a space between them and the rotor, you need to pump the break lever several times to close that gap and get the proper feel back at the break lever.

But if you took the line off you got air in everything and it needs to be bleeded properly otherwise the brakes will not work properly.

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