When to Replace Cam Chain Guide(s)

So.. my engine is opened up and ready for a new top end. I have the kit, and what I thought was a new cam chain and rear cam chain guide, given to me by a friend. Turns out that they're both used upon closer inspection.. he got them mixed up. Grrrr.

Anyways.. my chain has much less side to side play and doesn't seem to move as much as the other when you push/pull on the links in a linear motion. Both of the guides have fairly little wear, just a real shallow groove where the chain rubs, but they both look pretty new.

Question is this: Should I wait and order a new chain guide(s) and chain or do you think this has some time left on it? I got the bike used, so I dont know how many hours are on it, but there's little wear on just about everything. Except for some carbon on top of the piston, it looked pretty new too.

I know everyone says you gotta throw a new chain in when you do the piston, but I dont want to wait a week or two for parts and have my engine opened up for that long. If I could get by and throw a new chain in later next year, that would be good.

When you pulled you cam chain tensioner out,how many clicks or tabs could you see. From what I have been told a new cam chain is only 3 - 4 tabs out on the cam chain tensioner. Many more than that and it is time to replace it. It is a high wear item that is cheap to replace, you should just replace it.

sounds good. what about the guides in there? do those need to be replaced with the chain or not until they're visibly worn a bit?

Mike, The actual guid/slides will generaly last a long time. They arn't generaly being flopped agains and have constand pressure so the gouging wont be an issue. Derlin like that resists wear alot longer then regular plastic.

It's not like the chain gaurd on a swing arm thats getting battered.

I would suspect you should be able to get 300-400 hours out of those guides easy.

Cam chains well, anytime you take the head off change it. [use proper judgement on that one]

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