AMA National Hare and Hound Round 8

This past weeken was the final round of the year .Go to for a quick video of the race.Since i already won my class for the year and i am a member of the promoting club the 100s i got to help work on the course.Note the lack of trees that is because it never rains that also means no mud.We do get to race so take a look ,the complet video for all the 8 races and more will be out soon.

Also the race was over 100 miles long so we had a little bit of everything we had to offer which is rocks and more rocks and some down hills

The 8 race series is great 3 races in this area then 1 south near the Mexican border then 2 in Utha where they do have trees then 1 in nev near Salt Lake

they also have trees and then 1 more in Red mt Ca great way to do a few races in different areas .Some of the best the south west has to offer

I saw the phot of Destry blasting through the rocks, both wheels off the ground. It was rough in that section. Looks like it was a good dez event I will get to at one of your events asap,,prolly 09 season.....well that is all there is now. keep in touch, Rob

Great vid,,, I love those rock sections!!! My fave terrain, I love technical!! time.

Looks awesome Ajax - wish I could have gone. With any luck I can make them all next year down in Cali (though there's fewer in Utah next year which makes me sad).

I remember asking you about the Cherry Creek race this year and you commented on how the local boys weren't afraid of riding through the tall grass and such where they couldn't see what they were going over.

I just thought I'd let you know, some of our local boys went to your race, and they commented on how your local boys weren't afraid of dust at all or going full throttle through rock fields. :lol: So one up for you guys there. :lol:

On a side note, we have another element we get to race in now and again. Check out our last race:

Be sure to click the "watch in high quality" link.

P.S. the slide at the end of the video isn't meant to be taken seriously. :p

Congrats on your win!

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