Oil Holes on aftermarket Clutch Baskets

So I've been lookin at aftermarket clutch baskets and noticed that they all have oil holes on the flanges. I'm hopin that I can salvage my stock one. I can't afford a new basket right now. Due those oil holes really help??..and can holes be drilled into the stock basket flanges for any benefits?

i am wondering the same thing but i have a mill in my shop and was wondering weather vertical slots would be better?

I once heard of a guy who drilled holes in the engine case right behind the clutch basket. That's where the oil is. But he was doing a complete bottom end at the time.

But if your basket is worn, no drill is going to help it. Maybe you could file down the edges on the basket to help the plates move a little better.

They should help. It is supposed to let the oil flow in the clutch easier. hsi would let it run cooler and better lubricated. I drilled them in the 97 yz I had when I replaced the pieces. It functioned pretty much the same as it did. No complaints with the project as the basket and hub are made from soft material. Its not hard to do.

I dont believe its going to bring worn parts back to life. Its not going to hurt anything unless a person drills too many holes and weakens the parts.

I drilled holes in both sides & back of my 125 & 250's baskets.

I'm sure it lubricates better but I can't tell the difference while riding. I have noticed less aluminium particles in my oil when changing but I also replaced the friction plates when I did this so???

I've got a Hinson basket with slots in every finger and cant feel the difference over stock. I'm not a habitual clutch abuse, so its not really beneficial to me. I just got a good deal on it and enjoy the piece of mind of having quality components.

well thats cool to know, I think I'm bustin out the drill after the pumpkins get carved tonite. I only need to get a month or 2 out of this basket anyways. I gotta see how much slop its gonna have after I'm done filing out the notches. Might not be even worth it.

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