Putting on graphics

so i decided to try one ind. torco graphics on black plastics...

best way/ easiest way to put them on??

heat and apply?

mist and apply?


what i would do is first lay them on with the backing still on just to make sure they are how you want them. next take windex and spray it on the plastic take the backing off then lay it on. the windex will give you a little room to mive the graphic around. next take like a credit card or somthing like that and squeege the water out from behind the graphic. hope this help

post pics when your done :lol:

Do a search. I know I've responded on how to apply graphics a ton of times. You'll find you answer in a few minutes.

thanks. will do:ride:

I have tried the Windex thing and it didn't work too great for me. I have heard others do it and evidently it worked for them, but maybe they just heard about it. The most important thing you need for applying graphics is patience. Heat works well too. If you have a nice sunny day that is warm, set them in the sun for an hour and work on it out there.

use heat once they are in place.... after using windex or something like that

i used this stuff called stick on i think. worked wonders just use a little heat to really take the stuff out though. i heard the windex works well too.

thanks, ya i used the windex idea, didnt work all that well, patients helps a lot plus putting everything in hte sun for a while i think helped too.

turned out nice....

i wanted something different and havnt seen these graphics on black plastics so i tried it and look awsome.



Looks good! I also like the black plastics, wanted the 08 black edition but dealers didn't want to cut any deals on them so I got a red one.Well I just recently changed my 450 to black and really like how it looks. By the way, I work at a sign shop and do a lot of vinyl work and the best thing to use is water in a spray bottle with about 2 drops of dish soap. Windex has ammonia in it and that can eat into the glue on the vinyl and cause problems.


Lather plastic with alcohol, air dry, pre-heat the plastic (hair dryer), then start the application as soon as you can before it cools. Get the hair dryer ready again. Start on the trickiest corner, peel an inch of the backing off, align the graphics and place the exposed inch on the corner and turn the hair dryer on and have someone else hold the back end of the graphics in place while you use the hair dryer on the graphics at the same time using your fingers to push the creases and bubbles out as you work your way across the plastic. Always use a hair dryer, it draws out the air bubbles.

I've done it oh so many times.

Fresh, brand new plastic helps when you have it

Helps the bond and prevents future pealing.

That's my process that is.

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