United Parcel Service has me really steamed!

I know what you mean,I am going through the same problems myself.I think from now on I will use the postal service or federal express.I have tried various times to find out where my package is but have not had any luck.They just tell me that it will take time because of the holiday.Boy...Thanks very much UPS for nothing,I will never ship anything with you again.Good luck with your delivery problems. :)

Yeah, uh, from Texas (start) to Oregon, to Washington, BACK to Texas, and now up to Colorado?!

What the heck is going on! LOL

That package will be worn out before it gets to you.


Who did buy from here in Austin??

It's kind of ironic that I buy from a shop in WA.

I saw a little something posted here about a shop in Texas clearing out there boot selection, and some SIDI Force's could be had for $219, so I jumped on it. All local shops want $299.

Long live TT, and never underestimate the power of the internet!

Yes, UPS Sucks Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They loose things, break them and speed down my street! FedEx is much better, USPS is better as well.

There is a real reason that they (UPS) are brown. It use to really get me when they would drop off all of my neighborhood's packages at my house when I worked nights. The local brown stain driver knew it, so would pound my door down every day so he wouldn't have to come back for all the neighborhood deliverys. Trust me when I say ship FEDEX! Or if you have to go postal overnight, FEDEX transports all overnight mail now. I'm telling you from firsthand experience. I've worked for FEDEX 13 years and they are first class all the way! I work on the jets, so you WILL get your stuff via FEDEX, or your money back guaranteed! :)

Well, it looks like UPS has more than one way to get a package from Texas to Washington State.

For obvious reasons, the Austin/Mesquite/Commerce City/Portland to Redmond route is less preferred. Something about "Getting Lost" that fuddles up that route. Not to be vexed, UPS has now attempted Route 2.

Austin/Mesquite/Commerce City/Salt Lake City/Hermiston/Spokane/WENATCHEE???

Oh Boy! 20 days after order, UPS will be delivering my boots today!

I think.


SIDI's are in the house!

finally!.. lol hope they fit now.... :)

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