Yz 426

I posted this in the WR forum accidentally so thought I would write another one over here. I have a opurtinity to maybe trade my 03 CR250 for a 01 YZ 426. I really like my friends WR. I was just wondering if you guys had any tips on what to look for on these bikes. What wears out that I take a quick look at. I have bought many bikes but they have all been 2 strokes so what do I look for?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Ryan Baldus

A 2001 YZ426F is a very reliable, but is a bit on the heavy side.

Other than the normal bikes stuff, oil changes every 5-6 hours, clean oil and air filter is the valves. If there has not been any motor work done, it will be in need of a new set of valves. ($1200)

There is no reason I can think of that I would trade an 03 CR250 for a 01 YZ426F

Remember a YZ426F and a WR426F a two different bikes. The YZF is a race bike that need to be ridden fast. It has a closer gear ratio, smaller radiator (over heats more) and its not make to chug along in the woods.

Just my $.02

One of my riding buddies has a 01 (?) yz426f. He is notorious for doing very little maintenance...tires and air filters are it for the most case. Maybe one oil change a season and we ride...mostly woods and GNCC type stuff...just about every weekend. He rides hard and fast...did 2 GNCC's on the bike this summer. We all marvel at how well the bike holds up with the attention that it gets. It never overheats in the woods and slow sections. Valves haven't been adjusted for at least 2 years. One thing to consider/watch is that these bikes did not come with a decompression cam...makes starting an art unless the exhaust cam has been updated.

I've got a 2000 yz426 and I agree w/Dano426, heavy and likes fast, not slow. That said, I have a blast riding it and to make it more friendly at the lower speeds I went from a 49 to a 51 tooth sprocket on the rear. Doesn't pull wheelies as easy as it did w/the 49 but makes it easier to climb tight stuff. It does tend to boil over on the tight slow stuff but that's not really my favorite type of riding anyway.

If you can afford it I'd keep the cr250 and pick up a 426 when you find one for a good price, two different bikes for two different types of riding. I'm planning on picking up a used 250 w/the 2009 tax return money for just that reason.

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