Wiring help, xr250l--PLEASE!

Hey ya'll,

well my xr250l(stickerfied) had all the blinkers lights removed, including switches, the wiring seems to all be there but its not routed to where the specific light was located on the bike, its all jumbled up where the headlight should be. how do i figure out what goes where? i'm not too good at reading the diagrams and relating it to the mess of wires i have. i have blinkers ordered too, still looking for a speedo cluster and headlight, i ahve a taillight that will work. please help!

does anyone know where I could get a good start with this?

Your best bet will be to pick up a factory service manual. You can usually find them on Ebay for about twenty bucks. There are a bunch on there right now priced a little higher, but still well worth it.


In the back of the OEM manual is a wiring diagram which looks confusing at first but has good layouts of the connectors and pin counts to ID them.

check here

thanks for the help! i ordered my service manual, hope it helps! also I was just checking messing around, i hooked a 12v light directly wired to the battery while the engine was cranked, i couldn't get it to light up... could this be because the battery is that dead? i thought for sure IF it was trying to charge the battery it would have lit up my test fog light for sure? tomorrow i'm going to put a meter on it and also pick up a battery, any more help is greatly appreciated!

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