newbie with ?'s

hi all,i can't find the search thread?i need info on jeting a 06' crf250r with athena 280,hotcams stage 2. also what differences for that set-up with dual leo vince' full system?thanks for any help guys:ride:

Look for the new thread button towards the top left then look at the red bar directly below it and then follow it all the way across to the right. It will say search this forum.

thanks,i seen it after my post,not having much luck with the 280 crf jetting info though.from what i found i will try 165 main,42 pilot,ap o-ring mod,and see how it feels with that starting set-up.i finished the bike tonight and started it,i will ride it later this week

Nice post a pic of that bike. All I can say about the jetting is take the time to play with it.

well i have been working on getting the jetting perfect-the pilot circuit is working great,but i still have a major bog above half throttle.i have tried 165,160,158 main jets so far,will have to work on it this weekend.and i have ignored the needle-so i have to check the needle position.i am not the owner so who knows what needle,or position.

anybody in the northwest have any info on 280 kitted crf jetting?


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