Anyone here running swingarm extensions?

I have a 05 450. I mainly hillclimb and trail ride. I have seen a few 500's with extensions and have always wanted to try a set on one of my bikes. So if anyone here is using them:

1. Who made them

2. Are you happy with the quality

3. How far over did you go (4-6", or 6" plus)

4. Do you have any pics with them installed

I see that I will need a longer chain and longer brake line. Am I missing anything here. And do your extensions have a mount for the rear chain guide? Just wondering if you need to move that back to get it close to the rear sprocket after extending it.

thanks for any input

45 views and not one reply?

more leverage so you might need a stiffer spring, but I'm not really sure.

I have no idea dude. You might try a hillclimbing forum or something.

I wouldn't recommend it. Its just going to kill your traction. Unless your making so much power its not possible to keep the front end down, an extended swingarm will hurt more than help. This is true especially if you intend to trail ride. But I'm no expert in the art of swingarm extending. Hopefully someone else has more info for ya.

New Honda 450 09 is 18MM longer, for more tracktion Honda states and ya hills & sand drags you will find them doing this, not so much for mx. Just my 2 cents.

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