Shattered Collar bone and Doc runaround

I broke my left collar bone on Oct. 19th. The doctor said the one section is in a lot of little pieces. My left shoulder is now closer / inset about 1-2" toward my neck. The doctor said pining it doesn't generally work and varoius braces won't help. A week later my left shoulder is now starting to turn inward and pushing my rear shoulder blade out.

I'm getting really worried about permanent disfigurement and loss of use / mobility.

Is there really nothing that can be done which is what the Doctor / specialist is telling me?

Somehow, doing a proper clavicle repair seems to work great in the couple of hundred riders who's clavicles I fixed. You are new here so, you may not all ready know this.

Perhaps the doc needs a bit more continuing medical education.

Post the X-ray

DUDE!!!! search my threads to see what I went thru...4 1/2 months i waited for it to heal...saw 4 orthos all said lets wait...dr Mark was the only guy who told me he would have plated it immediately...

So I eventually flew to see Dr Mark and he fixed me up right!!! Best thing i ever did was have Dr Mark fix me up....

as far as your doctors saying there is nothing they can do ...TOTAL BS!!!

Fly to Houston...most times the hospital will pick up will be able to lift your arm above your head right after surgery...he is the BEST !!!

Look around here in this forum ...several hundred guys have flown to have Dr Mark fix them....all say it was worth the effort...

Scotty J.

They didn't give me the x-rays, so I can't post them.

You paid for them, you can ask for them.

You better get your butt rolling on this. The worst thing you can do is sit back and let the doctors tell you what they can or can't do. You MUST be proactive with your own healing process. Now go get your x-rays...

You MUST be proactive with your own healing process. Now go get your x-rays...

What he said . . . do it now!

Get those xrays for the good doc here and then get plane reservations you will not be sorry. Broke mine back in June and was back racing in August

They didn't give me the x-rays, so I can't post them.

They keep them, if you ask for them they'll cough them up. I easily got mine from the hospital and from the dr.

As others have mentioned, there are many many stories in here of people with busted collarbones that have been messed up by docs that don't understand athletes or simply don't have the knowledge and skill to fix them right. If your insurance doesn't suck, it may not cost you any extra to fly to texas to have dr mark do it. Even if your insurance does suck, it won't cost much more than a new exhaust system for a 4-stroke, and it will be a helluva lot more worth it.

Ok, went to the hospital first thing this morning and got a copy of all the x-rays. All 600+ of them. I had also broke a rib and puntured my lung. Fun stuff except when i laugh.

I also saw my normal doctor who took a couple x-rays and I now have an appointment with a different surgeon at 2:30pst.

I couldn't scan the new x-rays and still have them be readable. So I found one from the hospital that should show enough detail, if not let me know.


Damm, that needs to be fixed!

Come visit me for two days, and you will go home able to raise your arm over your head.

Get that doctor to go to some CME as soon as possible.

I'm seeing a differnet surgeon in about 30 mins, anything I should ask or be leary of?

From my experience, its always a crapshoot.

be leary of the fact that he/she is not Dr Mark...but you could ask

1 how many has he done before?

2 what kind of plate will he use? hopefully Titanium, but he probably doesn not have a lot of experience with these and not know how to properly put it on...

3. will ther be a bone graft? you should have one and it should come from YOUR living tissue

4. Any past patients you could call? he will not give you any...

5. Best to let someone with a 99% success rate do the surgery than someone who might have done 3 per year...

Jst my 2 cts....I would check to see if it is possible to see Dr Mark...that way you know you will fixed right the first time...and not have to do it all over some others here...Llamaface, madday...ask them they will tell you their story....

Sorry but yes I am biased a bit after waiting 4 months and seeing 4 orthos....make life simple and go see the Sanders Clinic

Scotty J.

Damm, that needs to be fixed!

I'll call that damn and raise it 10 damns:eek:

I'd be mad as hell if I were you after seeing that x-ray. I can't believe you've gone a week like that and don't have a course of action from a doctor by now!

Here you go ..these are my before and after Xrays.....Yours looks a bit worse than mine...after 4 1/2 months mine never reconnected...

If you have any questions i can help you with feel free to email, or PM, or call 404-403-6331

Good luck

Scotty J.

Hey Brout

Don't screw around with any other Doc unless he can give you a satisfied customer list (not going to happen ) Dr Mark is a for sure thing. I broke mine and got scewed with the pin by another Doc. It did not heal and I lost a whole year to something that should have been 3 months max. Dr Mark fixed my C-bone 7-29-08 and I was back riding with no problems 10-1-08. :lol:

I was in the hospital for 5 days before I was released, so that sucked up some of the time. This is also my first broken bones so I'm a little new with this. :lol:

The the doctor said if I leave it the way it is now, there is a good chance the bones will never graft since they are so far apart. In addition I would probably have chronic pain the rest of my life.

So they are setting up a date for surgery. ScottyJFZ1, I didn't think to ask about a bone graft, I will do that the next time I talk to him as well as the rest of the questions.

With an HMO, I'm not sure how much they would pay Dr. Mark to fix it since he is most likley out of network. How does that work? HMO's make a pain in the rear to go anywhere without my doctors recommendation. I also have the problem of end stage Kidney failure which adds some complication to the knock-out gas end of things.

Come to think of it, they said even with the plates, it doesn't guarantee the bones will graft together. Does that imply they won't be doing any bone grafting? They also said the plates stay in forever, I had thought they would take them out after awhile?

I think you need to call someone who knows what there doing. I believe when the doc plates it theres stuff that they can inject to stimulate growth between the bone. I had mine done by a reputable Doc in G.A. good luck

There are no gurantees in collar bone surgery or life in general.

Todate in well over one hundred collarbone repairs, most of which had a guys own bone grafted into the defects occurring in the shattered areas, we have had 100% of these fractures healed by any and all criteria available by three months in the nonsmoking population. We have seen no infections, nerve or vascular injuries. No patient has spend the night in the hospital, (except poor LLamaface who came without his wife, girlfriend, or both) and no one has given up riding as a result of their injuries.

All of these patients were allowed immediate use of their arms for activities of daily living and exercise, increasing in intensity at six weeks. Many riders, being the people that they are, returned to racing in ten days or less. Although, I am not in favor of such actions, this repair has stood up to more than its fare share of bad getoffs.

To date we have removed the plates in two riders, both of whom had less than 5% body fat, and with such little body fat, the plate was visable under their thin skin. I would gladly have a collar bone plate removed, if I could have that body fat level.

Naturally the big question in your case is what is the personal experience of the man or woman installing that implant and how does one verify it?

Unfortunately if your HMO is Kaiser, you are S.O.L.

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