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Front Caliper rebuild

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Well, I think my front caliper is due for a rebuild.

Abnormal wear, and squealing this last ride.

Looks like one of the pistons might have seized up.

Anyone know of somewhere on line to get some good instructions on doing the rebuild myself?

Thanks in advance.


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calipers are not that hard to rebuild. you'll need the seals for sure and maybe new pistons if they are pitted, scored or badly corroded.

1) take caliper off of the bike, detaching the brake line

2) empty all the fluid that you can

(ALT) pull the caliper off its mount and squeeze the brake lever till the pistons pop out.....MESSY

3) place a piece of wood on the side of the caliper opposite the pistons

4) use an air compressor and blow gun in the brake line hole to force the pistons out of their bore......start slow on this

5) if the pistons are in good shape, you can lightly polish them and reuse...if there is anything that wont come off with a light polish, replace them...better safe than sorry

6) take off the old seals

7) dip the new seals and pistons in brake fluid...

8) install seals in bore

9) install pistons

10) clean caliper

11) put caliper back on bike

12) attach brake line

that should get you through it. if anyone knows any other tricks please add them

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