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pitster x4 stalling issue ?

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A mate just brought a brand new 08 pitster x4 150cc pitbike and is having a stalling issue , im asking as he doesnt realy know much about motos .

The issue is when you pull a wheelie and the front wheel drops back down again the engine splutters and stalls also you get fuel coming out the overflow hose .

We have tried to isolate the issue by having the bike running and slowly lifting the front into the air holding it for 10- 15 seconds then slowly lowering it back to the ground , the engine runs fine but when we do the same thing but drop the front wheel to the ground it splutters and dies .

We lifted the carb needle to the 2nd slot from the bottom (raising the needle )

and tried changing the main jet from a 106 to a 112 but no change .

We also tried setting the float level a little lower so theres not as much fuel in the bowel but again no change .

I heard the stock jetting is to lean especialy since we are at sea level with the average temp being around 65 - 70 deg f ,the bike only came with different main jetts .

Is this a common issue ? Has anyone had this before ?

What should we try or do ? thanks

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