need to knwo things about my 426f

Ok ive got a 2001 and had a couple questions and hopesomeone can help me lol i know lots about cars and that stuff but im knew to bikes..... ok first question should my oil be really dark after only 3 short rides? and what can i do to change that? also it smokes a bit at start up? is that normal for these bikes? thanks

A bit of Smoke at startup is normal IF you use the choke, no choke, no smoke.

If you get smoke without the choke it's either bad valve stem seals or rings - I'm leaning towards rings since my bike did it a little bit and replacing rings fixed it.

Oil - dark - that's all in how you perceive it - your clutch is also using the oil, so I find it gets dark pretty fast, however, on the dipstick, I find it isn't noticeable - only when you drain it into a container and look at it then.

Typically, a puff of oil smoke on start up that goes away pretty much as soon as the engine starts is caused by oil coming past the valve guide seals. Rings will leak oil in while running, not while it sits.

Darkening of the oil can mean a lot of different things. I can mean that the oil has started to oxidize, or has been exposed to heat beyond its normal capacity. It can also be a result of contamination by debris, especially if you are really hard on the clutch. Or, it can simply be a matter of the particular oil blend behaves. It does not necessarily mean anything at all. You might try a good synthetic, like Amsoil MCF or MCV, or Mobil 1 Racing 4T.

However, 3 rides is long enough for the oil to be in there. You say short rides, and by that, I'm not sure what you mean, but my ride days run anywhere from 1 to as much as 4 hours of run time, and I change oil after two or three ride days, no matter what.

thanks i feel better now lol i think it might just need new valve seats aswell as a good tune up... ive got a awsome local shop that ive been dealing with for awhile. but i dont want to hav to rebuild it yet lol next season

... i think it might just need new valve seats aswell as a good tune up...
Valve SEALS, it may never need new valve seats.

What color is the smoke on start up?

If it is black (or very dark) and goes away after a couple of seconds it would indicate that you are running rich (normal with the choke on).

If it is blue (or gray) and goes away after a few seconds, it would tend to indicate you are burning oil, probably from worn valve guide seals (a pretty easy fix).

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