Tire Sizing?????

Howdy All

About to change my stock Bridgestone rear tire.

I am a bit confused about the tire sizing.

The Bridgestone reads 140/80-18

Am I right in thinking the 140 is width?

The 80 is height?

And the 18 rim size.

I am looking to replace with Maxxis IT's front and rear (should I put a Dunlop on the front???).

What size should I go for on my 2007 X??

As ever I am much obliged for all your help.


I have a 140 dunlop and it doesnt turn for shit coz its too wide. I would get a 110 mx tyre but depends on what riding you do.

Thanks to all for reply

Agent Smith.................

Being in Europe, the stock tire is 140/80/18.

I am in Southern Spain so pretty similar to Arizona/California riding. The stock Bridgestone has worn to pieces in no time at all.

Do you recommend coming down to a 120 or 110 tire?

What about the Pirelli on the rear?? As much easier to get hold of here in Espana.

Really appreciate all of your input.

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