adjustable screw in bell of FCR?

I'm waiting on new jets for my carb, and took it apart to clean. Carb is fcr41, older model with the three screws on the float bowl. I removed the bell on the air filter side using a ball end hex, and removed the two jets between the bell and the carb to clean them. One of the jets (I think it's on the left) has a spring and seems to be adjustable. Should this be turned all the way in? 1.5 turns out? I didn't check to see how many turns when I removed it becuase I assumed it was all the way in.

I ordered new jets (main, pilot and starter jet) because the bike wouldn't idle well after sitting a couple of years, and still doesn't run well after a good cleaning. The carb is an aftermarket carb on a 1996 KTM 620.


It is an adjustable slow AIR jet. It works in conjunction with your pilot jet and fuel screw. Set it to 7/8thes of a turn from gently closed.

Sudco catalog as a good explanation of it and the relationship between it and the pilot jet.

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