I've got Dunlop 606's with rimlocks which of course makes for a pretty bad ride on the street. I have used Dynabeads before on a couple of sport bikes and an XR650L with great results.

Anyway, this time not so much... They recommend 1-2oz but I'm sure that's not for bikes with rimlocks. I put 3oz in each tire and it took some of the hop out, but definitely did not get rid of it.

Think I might just add some spoke weights and call it good. I really don't do much street anyway. It's really more to preserve some tread. All that hopping can't be good for your treadwear.

Another poster said that a typical rimlock is about 100 grams (which is 3.5 ounces). So maybe you just need more dynabeads? I have new 606s also. I only have a single rimlock in the rear, but without wheel weights, it really shook during fast highway cruising. So I put 110 grams of stick-on weights opposite the rimlock and now it's acceptably smooth. It seems "good enough" now for the speed range the WR operates in.

Those 606s sure are noisy, though. Above about 50 mph it starts to have tire noise like a mini monster truck. I wear earplugs on the freeway anyway, so it's not a big deal.

Good point... I probably have the tire back to as if it were no rimlock.

Now I need to go with a little more weight to balance the tire itself.

I'd go with the stick ons to balance the rim lock. I had mine balanced ages ago on my XT and it has been fine ever since.

Through all of my tire changes I have only had one tire that was out of balance enough to cause problems. I used spoke weights to fix it while that tire was on then removed them for the next set.

Guess it will end up being which ever I can find (spoke/stick on)... Seems the stick on are more available online anyway.

I've heard of using fishing weights on the spokes, but have never actually seen it in person?

I walked into the service department of a Pep Boys and they gave me 6 inches of stick-on weights. I bet most car tire stores would give em away or maybe charge you only a couple of bucks.

Didn't realize you guys are using automotive type weights... I've got those already.

They are kinda big to stick on a bike rim though... the ones I have anyway.

I thought there was something different about ones for motorcycle rims (different profile, etc.)

I just used auto weights. I cut them in half lengthwise with some tin snips. That made them narrow enough to sit completely on the shoulder of the rim. I've only been a 100 miles with them so far, but they haven't flown off yet.

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