SuperTrapp for the 650

Man oh Man Oh Man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just bought a SuperTrapp dirt racing pipe offa ebay and am soooooo juiced!!

Check it out ......Suzuki-DR650s-SuperTrapp-Internal-Disc-Exhaust-DR-650s_W0QQitemZ350113681278QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item350113681278&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245&_trkparms=65%3A13%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318

Anyone have one of these - or installed one?

I had a Supertrapp IDS2 race core muffler on my bike for a while. It is a lot lighter than the stock system and a WHOLE LOT louder. It worked fine for me but the noise got to be a bit much so I went to the GSXR can. I still have the IDS2 muffler, but I used the midpipe for the GSXR can.

This isn't the IDS2.

I don't like those so much.

This is New Old Stock - Discontinued.

The RACE edition.

Anyone got one?

From the ebay listing pic, it looks identical (in shape, size, and part content) to the IDS2. Hope you enjoy it! :lol:

bleeding ears loud


lol, nah it's not that bad but then again mine needs repacked too :lol:

Yeah, loud is good. I want friggen rip-snortin-shut-that-damn-thing-off loud.

But are all of you guys with "The Trapp" tuning them correctly?

Lets see....its add discs = decreased back pressure + louder + more top end + leaner

remove discs = increased back pressure + quiet + more bottom grunt + richer

So with no discs installed, it's as quiet as it will ever get?

So you guys who complain about loud have zero discs installed, is that right?

The carb will tune any flat spots or rich/lean thoughout the powerband.

Mine was tuned fine. I had 12 discs. That was the best setting I could get for performance.

With no discs, it would just be a straight through muffler. VERY loud. Ask me how I know... :lol:

Ideally you will want to rejet the carb as well. At the very least, shim the stock needle and adjust the fuel screw.

yeah i have 8 discs in mine... that's after some trial and error and about the best i've found...

How can that be?????

You aresaying its loud, yet you have ALL 12 discs installed. Take them out if its too loud!

Make it quiet, tune carb to compensate.

Below is a quote from SuperTrapp site:

Removing discs decreases the exhaust opening and increases backpressure. This effectively decreases the powerband to create more low-end torque. It also decreases exhaust tone and enriches carburetion.

Adding discs increases the exhaust outlet and decreases back pressure. This widens the powerband at the top end. It also increases exhaust tone and leans out carburetion.

When I took them out, I was not happy with the performance. I figured I'd rather have a lot of noise and better performance than quiet and less performance. I also had the DJ kit on the carb and tuned it accordingly for less discs or more.

I pretty sure mine has like 20 or more discs, I'll have to check. Mine is louder than any other DR650 I've seen with aftermarket pipes, and I love it. Main jet is a 170.

yeah i honestly don't mind the noise. kinda like it actually. i was just joking up above about being deaf :lol: sheesh :p

baffles, we dont need no stinking baffles.

forget the discs, forget the end-cap. its loud but really not that loud.

i have never been pulled over cause it is too loud.

put a 170 main jet in it, shim the needle. its done.

i will at some point buy probably a FMF,

but for mostly dirt riding, its no big deal.

I put the quiet core ids2 on mine. Woke it up. I also add the tm40. Flat out rips. I run 6 discs and it has a nice tone to it.

Yea, I thought so.

You guys love 'em too. LOUD.

Of course I am going to jet 'er up.

That damn IDS2 is for *******. Too damn quiet.

I want fire breathing.

This one I snagged off of ebay is the racing can.

I shall post notes and a sound recording....before & afters.

Yea, I thought so.

You guys love 'em too. LOUD.

Of course I am going to jet 'er up.

That damn IDS2 is for *******. Too damn quiet.

I want fire breathing.

This one I snagged off of ebay is the racing can.

I shall post notes and a sound recording....before & afters.

Well, good luck with that. If you ride the bike on the street everybody will think you are an annoying prick. Even off road you will piss off all nature loving people you come across, helping the tree-huggers acquire one more vote in their quest to close off trails and other riding areas.

I would enjoy the freedom you guys have in the States and use it responsibly. In most of Europe ANY offroad riding is completely forbidden, and it sucks.

I love a good sounding engine as much as the next guy, but the GSXR pipe is about as loud as I feel comfortable with. I sometimes wish I still had the stock pipe (if it weren't so damn heavy!), for example when I have to get up early to ride to work. Nobody will think you are cool for having a "fire breathing" loud bike when you wake them up.

My $.02

I bought a DR350 and It had a SuperTrapp Tunable Aluminum Racing Series pipe on it.

It had 8 discs and it was pretty loud but man did it go.

I took out 6 discs and ran it with 2 and it got much quieter but then the low end torque was very strong.

The SuperTrapp with 2 discs is not much louder than the stock pipe and I wish I could have left it on the bike but in the state where I live the legal trail riding is.... well, lets just say very, very limited. :lol:

I put the stock muffler back on because I have to be as quiet as possible.

And although it's a big disappointment, the slightly lower noise level keeps me out of trouble.

If I lived in a state where there was decent legal riding I would have left the Supertrapp with 2 discs on and would have been very happy with it.

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