ktm stering???? can you ajust it?

i know that there is a litle nut under the trippe clamp you can tighten to make the stering harder on my yz250f and most other brands(so it wont headshake as easy) but can you make the stering tighter on a 08 ktm 250sx?

you can adjust the offset and you can tighten the top nut. Top nut puts more pressure on the bearings and is the old way to the poor mans steering stabilizer.

what does a stering stablizer do, does it just tighten the stering

yes it increases the effort to turn the bars and return the bars to center. A GPR does this away from center and return to center, a Scotts is more adjustable and can be set so it only does it away from center and easy to return to center.

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