Which MX boots have the best toe protection?

I went to 3 motorcycle shops looking at MX boots, and was surprised to find the lack of toe protection provided by most of them.

I just broke two toes riding without proper boots, and am looking for toe protection as well as ankle, etc.

Again, when looking at the Fox, Alpinestar, MSR, etc I could easily compress the toe box area with my thumbs. If I were to hit another microwave sized rock with my foot while wearing a pair of these boots, I'm sure I would have another broken toe.

I'm thinking part of my problem could be that I am riding "toes down" instead of having my foot more level, but I am a tall guy with long legs and I think that is just going to happen.

So basically, I want a steel toe MX boot.

The only boots I have found so far that seemed to have adequate toe protection for a strike on the top/front of the foot are the ones from Gaerne.

Are there any other manufacturers that REALLY reinforce the area around the top of the toes?


I don't think any manufacture make steel toe mx boots.

I will not wear anything but Gaerne anymore! They are the best boot on the market, in my opinion. Spend the money and get the Fastbacks, SG-10's or the SG-12's. Any of those boots will protect you from most impacts. No boots will completely keep you from injury, but these things are awesome!

I don't think any manufacture make steel toe mx boots.

That's what I am starting to think.

What are people that ride extremely rocky areas supposed to do? There is always going to be a rock (or stump) hidden in the weeds that you don't see.


Gaerne are some of the boots available so if they fit you well, buy them. Since you are tall, I'd suggest a tall SDG seat. The higher you sit, the less your toes will point down into harms way. For best bike handling, you should install a correspondingly higher bar at the same time.

PS. Stand up and keep your toes up in the rocks.

Sidi Cross Fire TA Boots. Better fit for me than Gaerne

Thanks for all the responses!

I just picked up a pair of Gaerne Fastbacks at my local motorcycle shop for under 2 bills. I'm stoked!!

These things have more then adequate toe protection (not like those cheap azz moccasins other companies are passing off as MX boots). Plus I can tell they are quality through and through.

I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for.....in this case I got MORE than I payed for - saweet.

I am with the Gaerne fans!

I just got a pair of SG12's and LOVE THEM! They have the most protection and yet they are so comfortable.

:lol: GAERNE SG10 :p

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