06: intake 160 -> 135

I have an 06. Exhaust valves are always spot on. But, my left intake zeroed out at my last valve check. I had to shim it from the 160 that was in there all the way down to a 135 to get it back to .006.

Question for you more motor savvy than I: Is that doable, or do you think the valve has major problems if I had to shim it down that far? I'm trying to get one more desert season out of it before I am forced to send the head in for SS valves, but at $450, I'd rather get another season out of it if I can.

I don't mind keeping a close eye on that valve, I just don't want to do any serious damage if that valve tightening up on me so much means it might break, etc...


If you have a 135 shim in their your valve has already begun to wear and will need replaced. A 120 is the smallest shim so you may be able to shim one more time but I really do not think that it will last an entire season more like a couple more rides.

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