new chain, gold wearing off.

So I replaced the stock chain on my 08 yz450f with the 520 erv3. It looks great but it seems to be rubbing inside the chain guide just infront of the rear sprocket. Is this normal for this chain on this bike? I've noticed the gold coating starting to rub off the top part of the links and the pins or rivots are starting to shpow flat spot where they contact the chain guard. Will the chain when the battle and wear down the rubber in the guard or should I get a wider guard?

I checked both sides of the chain and they seem to be wearing the same. My guess is that the wheel and sprocket are alingned properly.

Totally normal. With the Regina ORN6 chains I run, I normally have to change master links after 8 months to a year because the clip gets worn by the guide. The tops and bottom of the plates develop pronounced flat spots on their edges, due more to the dirt than the rubber, and by the time the chain is finally ready to replace, the plates are almost worn to the sealing rings.

Fewwww! Thanks.

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